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Surveillance, Resistance and Black Organizing in 2020
Murder is streaming live in the palms of our hands. The lands and cities are burning. This has been a summer of protest, pandemic and pollution. It’s hard to breathe when you’re being choked by smoke, COVID-19 or the police....
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Gender Equity Now
More domestic labour, greater risk of domestic violence, higher rates of unemployment, worse mental health. These are the experiences of women in 2020. The global health crisis is exacerbating gender inequality worldwide....
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The Legacy of Loujain: Keeping Alive the Struggle of an Imprisoned Saudi Woman
By Urooba Jamal “Hello, I’m Loujain Alhathloul,” begins the woman in the viral video, wrapped in a black headscarf and dark shades, at the wheel of a car. “I’m going to try to cross the Saudi borders.” “Let’s see what happens,” she continues, smiling defiantly, explaining she is cr...
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Shiva Delivers: Jews in Solidarity with Black Grief
Madison Slobin and Becca Schwenk are chosen family - best friends entwined by culture, religion and a unique type of kinship. This powerful connection not only to one another, but to their faith and community of radical young Jews is what sparked their initiative, Shiva Delivers....
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Compassion in the Age of COVID
In the 14th century, something ugly happened. And then, something beautiful. In 1347, 12 Genoese trading ships travelling from Crimea docked in Sicily. There, rodent stowaways disembarked, carrying a calamitous cargo into Europe: fleas infected with bubonic plague....
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Surviving a Global Pandemic & Uprising
It is time to check in with yourself. How are you, really? Amidst a pandemic, the global Black activist uprising, a recession, and a myriad of other events in 2020, we find ourselves under pressure to create, engage, design, and perform. ...
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How You Can Help


Our Actions Define Us.

Whether you can give five minutes, five dollars or five days, your actions contribute to a positive ripple of change. Below is a snapshot of the Action list from Issue 01. 
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