Stories of  Land

Sourdough and List Making – Shifting to a Zero-Waste Kitchen
“My food waste eureka moment came when I was at a talk by Massimo Bottura. People in the audience kept asking him, ‘what can I do?,” shares Chef Christine Tizzard, cookbook author and zero-waste advocate. ...
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Dismantling Environmental Racism in Canada
“There are few people who want a landfill near them.” Dr. Ingrid Waldron, a professor in the Faculty of Health at Dalhousie University and the executive director of the ENRICH Project, studies the intersections of health, race, and socioeconomic status in communities affected by...
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All Eyes on Mi'kma'ki
“THIS IS TERRORISM” are the words that Dr. Pam Palmater writes alongside a video on Twitter. The video depicts a lobster pound, ablaze, in Middle West Pubnico, Nova Scotia. A week prior, the same building was the site of a 200-person mob descending on two Mi’kmaw fishers who were forced to bar...
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