Stories of  Identity

Paying the Motherhood Tax

Motherhood is one of the hardest jobs in the world. One that comes with no training, no manual, and a…

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Outside the Western World, Matriarchies Still Exist Today

When Rebecca Lolosoli’s husband left their village of Wamba, in the Samburu District in Kenya for a business trip, a…

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Cancel Canada Day: Celebrate Indigenous Languages Instead

The first week of July is one associated with fireworks and feasts for many people in North America. “Canada Day”…

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Indigenous Rapper Joey Stylez Opens Music Studio to Mentor Emerging Artists

As a young artist, Joseph “Joey Stylez” LaPlante never had a mentor. “It’s something I never experienced; I had to…

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Shiva Delivers: Jews in Solidarity with Black Grief

Madison Slobin and Becca Schwenk are chosen family - best friends entwined by culture, religion and a unique type of…

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The Afro-Diaspora Tour Centres Black History

— This article was originally published on Stratagem. There’s a sense of pride to be derived from knowing where you…

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