Protesting on Nana’s Shoulders & Other Stories of Intergenerational Activism

By Cicely Belle Blain — One of my earliest memories takes place two summers shy of the 21st century. I am on my Nana’s shoulders and we are in a lively crowd of our friends and neighbours, marching along a street in the suburbs of London, England.

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Diversity and Race in the Classroom: Q&A With Educator Antoinette Blain

Interview with Antoinette Blain, an educator, coach and leader in visual and expressive art education, with over 25 years experience. She currently teaches Art and Design in Mombasa, Kenya.

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Teachers Tell All: Race, Racism, and Education

During the summer of 2021, newspapers and magazines were full of stories explaining Critical Race Theory (CRT) and expounding on its political implications. In the broadest sense, CRT is a […]

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These Systems Aren't Built For Us

"Reflections on my first term as a Vancouver School Board Trustee." By Jennifer Reddy Schools are where a range of social, economic, and political issues converge. They highlight inequities in […]

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Digital Extras Issue 02


Buying drugs these days is far removed from the history—and modern realities for BIPoC—of drugs, law, and criminality. Hear from three changemakers in the industry on the challenges BIPOC face in the cannabis industry and how [the industry] can promote and celebrate diversity.


In Issue 02, Ace Chan talks to us about Transphobic laws, bias and outdated healthcare practices that prevent trans and non-binary folks from accessing gender-affirming care. Four changemakers discuss the biggest barriers facing trans and non-binary folks in accessing care as well how we can support their work. There is hope on the horizon.

BIPoC-owned Cannabis Dispensaries and Brands

Support BIPoC owned cannabis dispensaries and brands. If you have a place or brand to add to this list please email us! Read the original article in our Issue 02, […]

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Outside the Western World, Matriarchies Still Exist Today

When Rebecca Lolosoli’s husband left their village of Wamba, in the Samburu District in Kenya for a business trip, a group of men attacked and robbed her.

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Sourdough and List Making – Shifting to a Zero-Waste Kitchen

“My food waste eureka moment came when I was at a talk by Massimo Bottura. People in the audience kept asking him, ‘what can I do?,” shares Chef Christine Tizzard, cookbook author and zero-waste advocate.

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Cancel Canada Day: Celebrate Indigenous Languages Instead

The first week of July is one associated with fireworks and feasts for many people in North America. “Canada Day” is a national holiday intended to mark the passing of the Constitution Act in 1867 and thus the creation of what we now call “Canada”.

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Indigenous Rapper Joey Stylez Opens Music Studio to Mentor Emerging Artists

As a young artist, Joseph “Joey Stylez” LaPlante never had a mentor. “It’s something I never experienced; I had to learn everything on my own,” he explains. “I know I would be way better off if I had someone that could have ...

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A Space for Every Body

Keighty Gallagher, founder of Tight Club Athletics, sat down with us to share her thoughts on how COVID changed the fitness industry and her passion for both mental and physical […]

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