Stories of  Activism

Gender Equity Now

More domestic labour, greater risk of domestic violence, higher rates of unemployment, worse mental health. These are the experiences of…

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Shiva Delivers: Jews in Solidarity with Black Grief

Madison Slobin and Becca Schwenk are chosen family - best friends entwined by culture, religion and a unique type of…

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Compassion in the Age of COVID

In the 14th century, something ugly happened. And then, something beautiful. In 1347, 12 Genoese trading ships travelling from Crimea…

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Surviving a Global Pandemic & Uprising

It is time to check in with yourself. How are you, really? Amidst a pandemic, the global Black activist uprising,…

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How to Evaluate if a Brand Really Gives a Sh*t About Black People

— This article was originally published on Stratagem. In the past few months the world has exploded in solidarity with…

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